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Walkable Suburb

15 Bloomfield Avenue
Montclair NJ 07042

Email Phone: 973-783-7400

About Lina

My journey has lead me to a career I love: New Jersey Real Estate. My passion is for walkable communities. This is how Walkable Suburb evolved.

I was born and raised in New York City. Every Sunday, we walked from our neighborhood near the U.N. to the Museum of Modern Art. Undoubtedly, this influenced my love for walkable places. But it also influenced me in other ways. My dad, an engineer, loved art, and we spent a lot of time painting and drawing together.

From this background, I went to Carnegie Mellon University to study industrial design and architecture – combining my interest in visual design with the practicalities of form and function. It amazes me how all these years later, I use these skills every day in my real estate career. My clients appreciate the way I can look at a house and understand the aesthetics, as well as the mechanics. I can see the possibilities in a space.

After college, I followed my boyfriend to his hometown, Montclair, which (after New York City and Pittsburgh) seemed rather exotic with its green lawns and huge trees and rambling old homes. We got married and bought a condo with tall ceilings and old details in a pre-war building. I loved it, but when our twins were born, we outgrew the space and had to sell. Unfortunately, it was the economic slump of the late nineties, so I walked away with zero profit – an experience that gives me an appreciation for what sellers are going through these days.

We bought the best house we could afford – a big house on a barren corner lot on a busy street. We transformed the place, over time, planting trees and building a lush green space around us. I discovered a passion for gardening that has continued more than a decade. Meanwhile I worked as co-owner of a successful small business and also got an MBA. I am now raising my three children who are now in public elementary and middle school in Montclair.

In 2004, I found myself single again and began a new career in New Jersey real estate, which turned out to be a perfect fit. I pride myself on my abilities to really listen and help my clients, using my unique combination of “left and right brain” skills. My MBA has given me (and my clients) an edge in the number-crunching game of pricing and marketing homes – and understanding market trends. I’ve built my business through the boom and the uncertainties of recent times, but like my clients, I’m in this for the long term, helping people find their own unique place to call home.

You can call me at 973-809-5277 to talk about where you are on your New Jersey real estate journey and how I can help, or send me an email by using the form below.