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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Lina Panza was a stellar agent in every way – usually returning our calls within the hour. Her advice on staging and presenting our home for sale was extremely skillful – from helping us plant flowers to finding the right painters and a stager to get maximum value. Her advice on pricing was especially excellent, and the result was multiple bids over the listing price, even though the market was beginning to decline. When it came to finding a new home, Lina was unflappable. Our goal was a downsize. She continually acted as our advocate, never pushing us into higher price ranges, but working extremely hard to find the great place and great value that fit us well. When problems arose, Lina was in the foxhole with us, hands-on. Her referrals for contractors and suggestions on how to organize our new home were invaluable. We’ve been happier than we could have imagined. We recommend her wholeheartedly, without reservation, to anyone looking for a smart, experienced real estate agent with fabulous judgement and extensive skills.

Lina is the ultimate professional with the smarts and real estate savvy needed in this ever-changing market. I would recommend her in a heartbeat. She is always available, and very personable, and always has recommendations for any need (contractors, mortgage brokers etc.). I could use a lot of flowery adjectives to describe how good Lina’s performance was, but she sold my house in 8 days $32,000 above asking. Actions speak louder than words.

My brothers and I inherited a house which we eventually realized we had to sell. Lina was the best Realtor we could have asked for. She knew the area (living only a few blocks from the house I was selling), she knew the market, she knew how to clean up a house that needed cosmetic improvements (and a completely new kitchen, which we weren’t able to upgrade ourselves, and would therefore be a mark against us when it came to selling it). She came over and helped us with a lot of the final little chores, and with her amazing hustle, we sold the house within five days of putting it on the market for a cash offer $10,000 above asking price. I can’t recommend her enough. Lina is great.

Lina helped us find a home to purchase recently. Lina did a great job on several fronts. First of all she listened to us, not only about what we expected in a house, but what we wanted from a lifestyle perspective. Secondly she shared great insights about the community giving us comfort that the lifestyle aspect would be right for us. As she selected houses to see she did a great job of adjsuting to our reactions to fine tune the search. We found out that what we said we wanted/needed was not always what we really wanted/needed when looking at the first houses. Lina figured this out quickly and adjsuted the search based on our reactions and our on the fly requests. She never pushed us up the ladder of price ranges but instead let us figure out that that is what we needed to do. Our search process was quick and efficient, in large part thanks to Lina’s ability to listen and react. Needless to say Lina was great every step of the way to the day of the closing and continues to help us settle in to the community. Finally, I have to add that Lina’s calm demeanor throughout the entire process was very welcomed. She made the process always all about us. Five months after closing on the house we know we made a great decision and know we gained a friend.

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