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There are several phases in marketing your home. Here’s what I’ll do as your listing agent.

First, I’ll generate a Comparative Market Analysis. This report gives you detailed comparisons between your home and similar homes that have been recently sold in your area. I also do a careful top-to-bottom analysis of your home’s features. This way, we will be using the realities of the market to determine together the right selling price position and strategy for your home.

I’ll help you get your house ready. I’ve sold a lot of real estate, and so I know that when people buy a home, they are not just buying shelter. They are buying a lifestyle and a sense of hope for the future. I’ll help you present your property so buyers can envision themselves living in it. We’ll discuss the options together. Some improvements are worth it, and some are not. If we determine your house needs some staging, I can help if it’s a small job or refer you to a high-quality stager for a bigger project. Should you need to paint or repair, I’ve got a network of proven and reasonably priced contractors available for you.

I advertise your home. In addition to taking high quality photos, generating brochures, and spreading your listing through my own personal network of contacts, agents, and buyers, I use the full capacity of the Internet to promote your property. I’ll immediately place your house on both the Garden State and New Jersey MLS, Yahoo Real Estate, Microsoft MSN, Trulia, Zillow,, craigslist and other top sites.

Aggressive agent-to-agent selling. I don’t just put your house on the MLS. I know that other Realtors are the number one gatekeepers to buyers who should see your property. That’s why I make major efforts to reach out to other agents who can bring you a buyer. I personally make sure they understand that your house is a worthwhile property for their clients and make sure they have ready access. This is a critical extra step for generating interest and a sale.

I’ll make sure you get real offers. When offers start coming, I ensure that potential buyers are already qualified for a mortgage and/or really can afford your home. This saves you time and potential heartache of tying up your home for weeks with people who will not come through with financing.

Inspection and contract negotiation. When it’s time to make a deal, I will rigorously negotiate the contract to your advantage, and ensure you understand every word before you sign on the dotted line. If you are also buying a new house, I’ll help coordinate whatever is necessary to make the two transitions work together in the smoothest possible way. Your best interest is my top priority.

I’ll manage the bottom line. At your request, I’ll develop a seller’s net sheet, estimating the total final proceeds from the sale of your home, tallying your costs, so you’ll know your bottom line outcome.

You pay no up front costs. My fee is paid at the end of your sale, between 5% and 6% of the total sale price of your house. Out of this fee, I also compensate the broker who brings the buyer of your home.

Call or email me, and I’ll happily come to your home or office so I can talk about your unique needs and situation. There is absolutely no obligation.