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Shopping in Montclair: Anthropologie

iStock_000000232657XSmallAnthropologie--the big retailer with modern urban style clothing and home goods--has opened its doors in Montclair in time for the holiday shopping season.  I'm sure there is some grumbling as people roll their eyes at $200 corduroy pants and worry that chain stores will threaten the character of our very indie town.  Me, I welcome Anthroplogie here.  I think ultimately we need a few William Sonomas and Gaps to anchor the smaller retail offerings of our town and keep it vibrant and walkable.  Unlike mom and pop shops, the big chain stores have national funding to stay open seven days a week and later in to the evening.  Anthropologie is open late--until 9 pm at night--my own preferred shopping time.

There's a positive ripple effect.  With longer store hours people walk in the streets until later, and they're more likely to go get some dinner or a coffee on Church Street after they've browsed (or shopped in the store).    Anthropologie gives outsiders another reason to bypass the mall and come visit Montclair, and maybe pop into Semplice or the Montclair Book Center.

What's interesting is that more and more big retail stores want to be located in a walkable downtown like ours.  For the first time in forty years, the trend is shifting away from malls.  People want to shop locally.  They don't want to get on a highway to buy a pair of jeans or that perfect gift.

This holiday season you'll find me at the sale rack sometime around 8:30 pm.  Anthropologie is located at the corner of Church Street and Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair.

Montclair, NJ Wins Main Street Award!


Montclair Center

Well, this is big news: Montclair Center has been named one of three award-winning "Main Streets" of 2015 by the National Main Street Center! According to its website, "The Great American Main Street Award winners have succeeded in making their towns an exciting place to live, work, play and visit."

Award winners distinguish themselves by their success in preserving the historic nature of the area while still making it vital, vibrant and appealing to the community. I don't think anyone here is surprised that Montclair has been recognized for that particular feat. Whether it's the cobblestone charm of Church Street or the grandeur of a Masonic temple turned day spa, most of us continually marvel at the beauty that surrounds us here. This video, created by Notice Pictures, is a truly lovely tribute to all that is magical about our walkable suburb. If it piques your interest and you'd like to hear me wax poetic about Montclair, I'm always ready to oblige.