Why People Live In Montclair

Top 10 Walkable Places in Montclair

1. The train station (any one of the six)

2.Watchung Plaza for a dozen bagels on Sunday morning

3.The farmer's market on a Saturday in June for local rhubarb and asparagus

4.Tierney's Tavern on the way home from work for a retro burger and beer (no phone, no credit cards!)

5.The Wellmont Theater on a Saturday night to see David Byrne, Kathy Griffith or Rosie O'Donnell

6.Tinga Tacqueria on Monday and Tuesday nights when kids eat for $2

7.The "all children" playground in Edgemont Park on a weekday afternoon in spring

8.Anderson Park on the way to work for early morning Tai Chi

9.American Royal Hardware (aka Mr. Charlie's) for that whatchamadoohickey that you'll never find at Home Depot

10. Van Vleck House and Garden for a leafy respite