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Lina's Strategies for Buyers

My foremost goal is to find you a New Jersey home that’s right for you and comes at the right price. I am determined that you won’t overpay. This is especially important in this real estate market when homes are not appreciating so quickly anymore. You want to make sure that from day one, you start off in the plus column.

Because I have an MBA, I know how to monitor market trends and data far more carefully than most other Realtors. Instinct has its place in New Jersey real estate. I respect and use it. But I also rely on metrics because I want to be sure you are paying the right price for a given property. I compile a professional assessment of the home’s specific features, location, comparable house sales in the area, and overall market trends (something most home buyers cannot do). It’s more work, but in my view this is both good ethics and good business. In future years, I want your repeat business, and I want you to tell your friends what a good job I did. If you prosper from your purchase, so do I.

I save you time and money. Some people think of a real estate agent as a chauffeur, believing that they probably can find a house themselves by looking on the Internet. I am amazed at how people waste time this way. You see a nice listing. But do you know if it’s in a flood zone or has a contaminated oil tank under the ground? I know this vital inside information because I live and breathe our local market and intimately know these towns after living here 20 years. I don’t waste your time dragging you around to see houses that are not in your price range or make no sense for you.

I reduce your stress. My goal is to smooth the way and absorb blows for you in countless situations. I help you find the high quality attorneys and mortgage brokers, appraisers, and inspectors. I make things happen on time, avoiding delays and problems that cause stress, unnecessary costs, and disruption.