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Lina's Strategies for Sellers

Selling your home is one of the biggest financial transactions you will make in your lifetime. You should choose a Realtor the same way you would chose an attorney, doctor, or any other professional – by looking at his or her education, skills, experience, and reputation. Choose a Realtor who has a sound strategy and the facts to back it up. Many sellers choose the agent solely based on who says the home is worth the most. (Some Realtors tell you what you want to hear in order to get your business.) But if weeks turn into months and your house is still for sale, you’ll deeply regret this decision. Some Realtors are after their own best interest rather than a quick sale for your benefit. They’d rather get free advertising keeping their sign on your front lawn week after week. But as time goes by, the perceived value of the home goes down a little more.

My approach to pricing your home is different. Most Realtors walk through the property with a couple of agents who eyeball it and come up with a consensus on how much it “should go for.” This can be too subjective, and is even riskier now that the real estate boom is over, and banks and lenders are looking at each and every deal with a more conservative perspective. Yes, I use and believe in intuition, but the MBA in me will also check my intuition against numbers, with an item by item analysis of your house. I look at it in a similar way as an appraiser would, using same step-by-step top-to-bottom technique. Of course this is time consuming, and most realtors don’t do it. But I’m willing to do the extra work so that you’ll get maximum value of what your house is really worth.

I position the house so it looks better than any other on the market. Unlike many other agents, I don’t put a house on the market with a “Let’s see who bites” strategy. My strategy is, “Let’s put the house on the market and make suresomebody bites. I help you figure out how to position your home so it looks better than the others in your price range. (See my Services for Sellers for more.) Again, my goal is always to net you the maximum.

I’m hands-on. I’m not afraid to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty – literally. I’ve been known to help my clients plant flowers or pack up dusty old books that clutter a living room, or lend a nice-looking chair to brighten up your porch.

I reduce your stress. Once you decide to accept an offer, my goal is to smooth the way through the inspection, contract, and closing process. I make sure things happen on time, avoiding delays and problems that cause stress, unnecessary costs, and disruption.