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The Contemporary

Contemporary Home

“Contemporary” describes a catch-all style that can take on many different shapes. A Contemporary home can have the quirkiness of Postmodernism, but it will not express the same kind of irony or humor you find in a Postmodern house. Some Neoeclectic homes are called “Contemporaries,” but a true Contemporary does not use odd mixtures of historic styles the way a Neoeclectic house does.

Confused? Your most important clue is the windows: A Contemporary home will always have expansive, very tall panes of glass.

General Characteristics

  • odd, irregular shape
  • lack of ornamentation
  • tall, over-sized windows, some with trapezoid shapes
  • open floor plan
  • natural materials such as cedar or stone
  • harmony with the surrounding landscape

Also look for:

  • Some contemporary homes have flat roofs. Other contemporary homes have gabled roofs with cathedral ceilings and exposed beams.


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