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Montclair Recreation

Montclair is a walkable suburb, and many people also choose to ride bikes around town. Bike & Walk Montclair is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that represents the people who walk and bike every day and advocates for policies, programs, and street designs that support safe biking and walking. 

The Clary Anderson Skating Arena offers instructional skating programs for children and adults and is open from September until May. 

Brookdale Park is a lovely park offering picturesque vistas, extensive lawns, lush groves playgrounds, tennis courts, trails, sports fields, a stadium grandstand, an archery range, and more! The park is over 121 acres, making it the third largest park in the county. The park also offers programs throughout the summer for the whole family. See their calendar of events here

Close to the historic Upper Montclair Shopping District, Anderson Park is a favorite among locals. You will see walkers, joggers, and children learning to ride bikes on the 3/5-mile of paved pathways. During warm months you'll find residents using the lush fields for soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, and picnics. Anderson Park is also home to the annual Art in the Park arts-and-craft show during the fall. 

Located at the base of Mountainside Park, the Presby Memorial Iris Gardens are a must see! The gardens contain over 10,000 irises of more than 1,5000 varieties. Each iris has a marker so you know exactly what you're looking at. The blooms are absolutely breathtaking!

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