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Blog :: 01-2012

My Must-See TV - Designing Healthy Communities

I don't generally have a lot of time to watch television; being a New Jersey Realtor means being "on call" day and night. I am determined to make time for Designing Healthy Communities, though. This is a four-part series airing soon on WLIW  (and other public television stations) which looks at the links between our built environment (urban sprawl, concrete jungles) and public health issues like obesity and asthma. I'm especially interested in the first episode, called "Retrofitting Suburbia."  In this episode, Dr. Richard Jackson, the series host, looks at communities in Colorado and Georgia that have taken steps to encourage mass transit and bicycling as legitimate forms of transportation. The series runs on February 2 and 3;  it should make for valuable, and fascinating, viewing.