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Blog :: 06-2012

Montclair High School a Hit with Colleges

As a New Jersey Realtor focusing on the Montclair area, I am often asked, "How good are  Montclair's schools?"  I think they've been terrific for my kids (two in high school and one in middle school), but I understand that prospective buyers might want more objective information than one parent's opinion. So I was happy to read in Montclair Patch this week  that many top colleges agree with me.

According to Scott White, the director of guidance at MHS, a record 20 students will be attending Ivy League schools in September. In addition, another 20 or so will attend the "little Ivies" (Swarthmore, Wesleyan, etc.) and the Seven Sisters. In fact, when you add in the seniors who will be attending Georgetown, Stanford, UVA, Johns Hopkins, Tufts, Northwestern, and the University of Chicago, over 15% of the MHS class of 2012 will be spending the next  four years at a school rated "Most Selective" by Barron's college guides.

Clearly, not everyone is going to get into (or even wants to attend) one of these schools. That's one of the things I love about Montclair schools, in fact--that they understand that a diverse student body has diverse needs and expectations. But whether a student is aiming for Harvard, Essex County College, the military, or something else, potential buyers can rest assured. How good are Montclair schools? Very.

Walkability: A Wise Investment

As a New Jersey Realtor, I read a lot of material relating to housing markets both state- and nationwide. Recently I read an especially interesting blog post on the National Resources Defense Council website. The NRDC is an environmental advocacy group, but in this post, staff member Kaid Benfield actually blogs about economics.

According to a study cited by Benfield, the recovery in housing prices nationally has begun, and this recovery is being led by "populous urban or semi-urban communities well served by local amenities." Homes in such communities will see price  increases of 3% by next year, and up to 5% per year between 2014 and 2017. Benfield advises, "If you're a real estate investor, put your money on smart growth and avoid sprawl."

Now, most of my clients view communities such as Montclair or Maplewood as  great places to live rather than as a real estate investment. But isn't it nice to know that homes here will maintain and likely increase in value--that buying in a walkable suburb also makes a lot of (dollars and) sense?

Glen Ridge NJ Real Estate Sales Report for May 2012


  1. Brian Johnson on

    Looks like our market in the summer as well! good looks like you will be coming in stronger for the median this July if things hold up. Glad to see some action out their. The San Antonio Real Estate market has seen some impressive number volume wise but we don't come close to your median. Thanks for posting the stats.