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Blog :: 03-2016

4 Trends That Support Walkability

If you had asked me decades ago, when I first moved to this area, whether a walkable suburb was for everyone, I think I would have said no. I think I'd have assumed that only those of us coming from New York City - the walker's mecca of the U.S. - would have understood and appreciated the benefits of living in an area that is easy to navigate on foot. But it's not just New Yorkers that are walkability lovers anymore. Here are four trends that point to America's communities becoming less reliant on cars.

1. Fewer People Have a Driver's License. From 2000-2014, the number of Americans holding a driver's license has fallen sharply from 91 to 77 percent.

2. Living Without a Car Has Become Easier. Not only have public transportation systems beenIMG_6152 upgraded and improved in the past two decades, services like Uber and Lyft have made "livery" service more simple, affordable, and reliable, allowing people to bypass car ownership altogether.

3. More People Bike to Work. From 2000 to 2014, the number of people commuting by bicycle has grown 62 percent. More and more, towns are budgeting (or securing grants) for bike safe roads and bike racks as part of "downtown" development.

4.Better Public Transportation Makes Good Business Sense. President Obama recently signed policy to give tax breaks to public transportation entities as well as for those who provide parking near public transportation.

If you're looking for a place that is pedestrian and bike friendly, allow me to introduce you our own lovely walkable suburb. Truly the best of both worlds!


New Listing: The Perfect Commuter Home - Bloomfield, NJ

What does it take to make a perfect commuter home?

o New York bus one block away! o 21-minute commute to midtown! o High end cook's kitchen! o Central air conditioning and outdoor hot tub! o Big bright family room! o Cozy fireplace! o Basement Rec Room! o Quiet neighborhood! o Easy highway access!

kitchen fam room hot tub

10 Bolton Place was just listed for $399,000 and will not last long on the market.

With ample room for relaxation and entertaining, this sweet home is perfectly placed for you to take advantage of quick, easy access to NY Port Authority. Whether your family is growing out of an apartment into a house, or downsizing into a simpler lifestyle, you have everything to gain in this 3-bedroom gem.

If you'd like to see this or any other homes, please call or text: 973.809.5277

Montclair, NJ School Tours Start Soon!

There's so much to say about the Montclair Public SchoolMontclair School M system, it's hard to know where to start. It's a magnet system, with six elementary schools (technically seven, but one pair together comprises K-5th) and three middle schools that all ultimately funnel into a single high school. Children don't automatically attend the closest, neighborhood school, but rather submit their school preference in rank order. Almost all are granted their first or second choice.

This is an incredible system that was initiated decades ago to integrate the schools. Each elementary school has a magnet theme - STEM, Montessori, Gifted and Talented, Environmental Studies, etc. - in addition to its district-wide offerings, so while they all provide the same curriculum, they all have a slightly different vibe.

When a child starts school in this district, the family fills out a Placement Request Form. In order to help families become familiar with the schools, there are a few weeks in March where parents and kids can tour the schools. Also, this year, there are Virtual Tours available, where each elementary and middle school is showcased in a 2-4 minute video.

I sometimes jokingly refer to this process as the Tyranny of Choice. For me, it's like going to a diner hungry and having too many yummy options on the menu. When we came to Montclair, I could literally see one of the elementary schools from my house. Charming and unbelievably close, this was not the school we ended up requesting. We thought my son would thrive more at a different (larger) school and also our school of choice had a later start time and provided busing, something I came to cherish as I started working more. (I Walkability Queen!)

I have lots of information about the schools -- as a real estate agent, a community member, and a parent who has watched three kids rise through many of them. My clients say I am a wealth of information, and I'm always delighted to share the wealth. Call me! 973.809.5277