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Lina's Services For Buyers

I provide four main services during the real estate buying process:

  1. I present you with the homes in the best NJ towns that suit your personal needs and price range. To do this, I find as much about your interests, needs, and desires as I can. Then I do the homework, editing, sorting, and previewing listings to uncover the ones we should see together. (I include “For Sale by Owner” homes in my search.) If you are interested in a property, I’ll make sure you know everything possible about its condition, as well schools, neighborhoods, and the local economy. Every local real estate market has its own trends and opportunities. I’m constantly scouting for a good financial deal and the lifestyle you’re after.
  2. When we find a house you want, I help you get it. A real estate deal is seldom just about a price. I’ll help you strategize to be sure you making a smart offer (see my thoughts on not overpaying). If you are competing against other buyers, I’ll uncover what I can about the seller’s motivations so you’re in an informed position. I’ve won houses that were not the highest bid but offered other terms that best matched the seller’s desire.
  3. I bring the deal to a close. I’ll bet you know friends who thought they were locked in to buy their dream house, but the deal fell apart. Many personable real agents flounder in making the close. I know it’s one thing to make a bid on the home you want; it’s yet another to make it to close and get the keys in your hand. Once an offer is accepted, the deal is not over. Rather, it just begins. The house has to appraise correctly. It has to be inspected. The mortgage has to come through. You and the seller must meet the contracted deadlines. There are many opportunities for things to go awry. What if your lender backs out? What if the seller suddenly wants to stay in the house another month? What if the inspector says the roof may need to be replaced? I’ve been through all these experiences—many times. I’ll use my skills, past experience, my knowledge about house mechanics and finances, and my network of experts to get the bottom of each situation that arises, so you’ll know the best way to respond. I am also a pragmatic and calm negotiator. Your best interest is always my first priority.
  4. I help you settle in. Unlike other Realtors I am available to you after the deal is done, whether you need to find a gymnastics studio for your kids, a local painting contractor, or want to know who’s got the best Thai food in town. If two years down the road you need the name of a plumber, please feel free to call me. I’m happy to help.