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Welcome to Walkable Suburb: Living in the Best NJ Towns

For years, New Jersey was sprawling westward, northward, and southward with real estate development in formerly rural areas. Now the recession has hit and so many of those big new shiny houses a couple of hours outside the city are losing value rapidly--despite their newness, their immense pasture-like lawns, and quiet isolation. What seemed like a good idea a few years ago is suddenly languishing in the for-sale market.



That's why now seems like a good time to start talking about why density is good for the planet and good for humans. Yes, density. The word has a bit of a negative connotation. But you'll get past that. These days, many young families want to live in areas where they can walk places, shop in their towns, spend less time in cars and get to the city quick.  Density is also a good investment.  In the recent economic downturn, towns on train lines have been holding real estate values far better than those far from urban centers.



Walkable Suburb is my new website and blog.  And it's the focus of my New Jersey real estate business. You can find out more about density, new urbanism and what makes New Jersey's inner-ring suburbs like Montclair, Glen Ridge, Bloomfield, South Orange and Maplewood, walkable suburbs.  These towns were built early in the last century with walking, community, and public transportation in mind. They are increasingly desirable and make sense for the world today.



Welcome to Walkable Suburb. Please drop in from time to time or sign up for my monthly summaries via email or my RSS feed. I hope to keep the journey interesting with insights, market analysis, and tips for life and real estate in New Jersey's best walkable suburbs.