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The Cleanest Energy of All

On September 14, the Star-Ledger ran an article about electric car charging stations; Montclair is one of four towns in New Jersey that received a grant from Walmart to install them. I have mixed feelings about these stations. On one hand, electric cars reduce our dependence on foreign oil, so anything that makes them more convenient to drive is probably a good thing. On the other hand, electricity itself is often derived from non-renewable fossil fuels, so generating it still pollutes the environment.

There is, however, a form of energy that is safe, cheap, and absolutely clean: human kinetic energy (walking). For families with school-aged children, October is International Walk to School Month; next Wednesday, October 6, is International Walk to School Day. This was started in 1997 by the Partnership for a Walkable America and quickly grew into a nationwide movement. There are so many benefits to walking to school: less gasoline used, safer and less congested streets, more fresh air and exercise, even an increased sense of community. Of course, walking to school isn't always feasible, but if you can do it, why not give it a try? Let me know how it goes!

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