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The Glamourous Life of a Montclair Real Estate Agent

A virtual superfund site in the back of my car

When I first became a real estate agent seven years ago I envisioned spending my days flitting from open house to open house, picking up a decorating idea here, a tea sandwich there.  I imagined driving an upscale German car (after all- your car IS your office in real estate), wearing the lastest Marc Jacobs.   Unfortunately, this turned out not to be the case.

On the day of my last closing, an orange HazMat suit would have been a more appropriate outfit.  After hiring a clean-out company to empty the house of a seller who had moved across the country, I was dismayed to find out that they don't remove or handle household chemicals (old couches -yes, weed killer - no) .  With only hours before the closing, guess whose job it is to get rid of the 80 bottles of various unmarked liquid?  And, BTW... you can't just pour this stuff down the drain.  Thank goodness I drive a station wagon.

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  1. bil on

    Wow! I had no idea...