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Glen Ridge Home For Sale: 5 Things You Never Want to Say to a Buyer

Your agent told you not to be present when your house is being shown - but somehow you end up in the same room with the prospective buyer.  Maybe you went out for coffee to give the buyer some privacy but came back to find that they were still there.  Perhaps you were gonna leave when the buyer got there but it started to rain cats and dogs so you thought  "I'll just stay out of their way in the basement" instead.

Whatever the case - it happens.  Sometimes the buyer and seller meet face to face.  And here's where you can really screw things up by saying the wrong thing. The 5 things you should never say to a buyer:

"This is a great neighborhood for kids" You don't know what the buyers' circumstances are.  Maybe they don't like kids. Perhaps they aren't planning to have kids.  It's possible they would like to have kids but can't.  You run the risk of offending them, making them sad or simply turning them off to the house. You also run the risk of violating federal fair housing laws that prohibit discrimination on the basis of familial status.

"Let me show you the house"  This seems innocent enough.  You think you might be able to point out a few things that the buyer's agent missed, like the extra long nails you used to construct the deck.   This is all just noise and distraction for the buyer.  Allow the buyers to take in the house in a visual way, imaginging their own belongings in the house.  By talking too much or giving too much detail you will interfere with their ability to fall in love with your house.

"If you buy the house we'll throw in the BMW" You may be thinking it's a great incentive, but actually it can mess up your potentail buyer's chances for getting a mortgage.  A mortgage is a loan that uses real estate as collateral. If the lender believes some thing other than real estate (for instance a BMW) is being wrapped in to the loan they may not approve it.

"This is a very safe area"  First of all, why give the buyer even the slightest notion that he should be concerned about safety (don't point out your deluxe alarm system either).  Second, "safe" is a subjective term. It's difficult  to define this for someone else. The better thing to do is hand the buyer a piece of paper with the local police telephone number and encourage him to call for himself.

"We already bought another house "  You will be showing your hand and encouraging low offers.  This is akin to saying "I'm desperate to sell- I don't want to end up with two mortgages"  As a seller, you need to disclose any physical defect that you may know about in your house, but you don't need to disclose your motivation to sell.

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