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There! I Said It: You'll Be Happier Living in Montclair...

You'll be happier living in Montclair than in  most other suburbs - A bold statement, I know. It's subjective, but there are in fact, a three key predictors of happiness -  1. health 2. wealth and 3. social connectedness.  Because of its  street layout, design and diversity of housing  Montclair offers  opportunities to foster all three.  Here are some examples.



  • Many parks and sports facilities where you can exercise and meet people.
  • Places to walk and bike to.
  • Streets with sidewalks so you can interact with other walkers.
  • Mixed-use and diverse housing styles/prices - from thrifty to extravagant.
  • Good public transportation so you don't always need to take your car.
  • Small, owner operated businesses - where they know you by name.
  • Lots of cultural venues for music, art and entertainment
  • A certain density of population so you don't feel isolated

I'm sure there are some die hard cul-de-sac fans out there as well as few Office Max aficionados.  So for those of us whose suburban dream is a three car garage and good access to the mall, I propose that Montclair may not be a good fit.  There's always Mt. Olive though.