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Living Green with Gray

gray_russell_01_5x71Yet another reason why I love Montclair: Gray Russell, our Environmental Affairs Coordinator (how many towns even have an Environmental Affairs Coordinator?), was recently honored as New Jersey's "greenest" public official. According to an article on, Russell received his Garden State Green Award on May 18 at Kean University. The award is also known as a Boggie, a reference to the bog turtle, once abundant in New Jersey and now endangered.

At the awards ceremony, Russell said, "We've come a long way in our efforts toward lowering our carbon footprint, but there's much more that we can do," which really resonated with me. I love that, with its bike lanes and EV charging stations, Montclair is trying to move away from fossil fuel-dependent cars.

Another factor in our becoming known as a green community is our layout. Unlike newer towns, where residential and commercial areas are often separated by highways, Montclair has always integrated the two. Many of my clients have told me how much they enjoy being able to walk to restaurants, shops, even a movie theater. While we wait to see what new initiatives Russell is planning, this Montclair Realtor will be reducing her own carbon footprint just by using her feet.