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Sign Language

street3 I recently saw a street sign that perfectly sums up Montclair. This sign is on the corner of Bloomfield Avenue and North Willow Street and is part of the new "way-finding" project that the town has recently implemented. It has arrows directing which way to go in order to get to various destinations in town, but what makes the sign so cool is that instead of using miles, it measures distance by "minute walk." For example, the post office is a five minute walk from the corner, while the Bay Street train station is a 12 minute walk. Glenfield Park is a whopping 13 minute walk, and Lackawanna Plaza is literally three minutes away.

To me, this sign is evidence of why the Montclair real estate market is rebounding better than many other markets. Like many suburbs, Montclair has parks, shopping and rail service to New York. But here, unlike in many suburbs, you don't always need a car to access them. Obviously, I'm not saying that no one ever drives here. But as a Montclair Realtor, I can say that all signs point to a different kind of suburb -- one concerned with issues of walkabilty, affordability and the environment.