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Another Reason to Move to Montclair: Montclair Film Festival Hosts Richard Gere!

mff2015_poster-663x1024Even though the Montclair Film Festival is a relative newcomer to town (premiering, as it were, only a few years ago) it fits so seamlessly into the culture and sensibility of Montclair, it feels like it's been a part of the town forever. Each year, local venues turn over their auditoriums to accommodate the week-long film event and people show up in droves. Last year, I took a day off of work to see three films, walking from one venue to the next.

Besides having the opportunity to see great films (and the excuse to do so mid-week!), the festival creates an even livelier than usual vibe in the community - you can feel the excitement and energy everywhere you turn. They just announced this year's guest panels, which will include conversations with Richard Gere (moderated by Stephen Colbert), Stanley Nelson, Patrick Wilson, Barbara Kopple, Jonathan Alter, and Bobcat Goldthwait.

Montclair Film Festival 2015 takes place May 1-10; tickets go on sale mid-April. You can attend screenings as a member or non-member. It's just one of the many draws of the Montclair area - a Sundance all our own!

If you want to talk movies, or houses, or how great it is to live in a walkable suburb, please do not hesitate to call me: 973-809-5277