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I'm a Walkability Advocate!

IMG_5284 2I love this piece in Slate's design blog. It's the story of a guy who felt so strongly about the benefits of walking that he started his own guerrilla campaign to encourage people to walk more.

The Slate bloggers write, "Although 41 percent of all trips made in the United States are 1 mile or less, fewer than 10 percent of all trips are made by walking or biking."

They go on to say that the wayfinding signs that this guy developed - signs that tell people how many minutes it takes to walk or bike to popular local destinations - have become prototypes for pilot programs in other cities, used by community organizations, city planners and "walkability advocates."

Walkability Advocate! I didn't even realize there was a term for someone like me!

Yes, I can tell you how long it takes to walk from anywhere to anywhere else here in Montclair. Because that's why most of us come here... so we have the choice of leaving our cars behind.

But you don't need me with you when you're out and about. Montclair installed its own award-winning pedestrian  wayfinding system downtown a couple of years ago.

Don't worry, we won't look at homes together on foot - there's too much to see. But I promise you, I'll always make sure you have a full grasp of the wonderful walkability that awaits you here.