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Saturday Night in Montclair


I think the scariest thing for those of us that hail from the city is that the suburbs can't possibly provide that same level of excitement - that feeling that anything could happen at any moment. And, in a way, that's true. Montclair is not, and never will be, Manhattan.

But if you're on or around Church Street this cool spring Saturday night, you might feel Manhattan getting a run for its money. The cobblestone street will be silly with people showing up for, or leaving, a movie at the Clairidge (Montclair's answer to the Angelika...truly). Couples with dogs will be eating dinner under the big umbrella in front of Raymond's. Families of five will be splitting off for cupcakes or frozen yogurt or salted caramel macarons from Le Petit Parisien.

There will be live music on the corner, as there is every Saturday night once the weather warms. And on this particular Saturday night, if you walk around the corner and stroll for three minutes on South Fullerton you'll come upon a free, outdoor performance in front of St Luke's Church - an open-to-the-public dance rehearsal of a work in progress by choreographer Robert Mark Burke as part of the Dance on the Lawn project.

I know... I didn't even get into all the shopping and people watching to be done. With all due respect, take that, New York.

Photo: Tony Turner