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We All Need A Place To Call Home

Linas Cat A few years ago I rode my bike to the local farmers' market to get some Swiss chard for dinner. PAWS (Pound Animal Welfare Society) had a booth set up with orphaned cats and dogs. I did not come home with chard that day, but instead with a beautiful Siamese kitten. (Too little to ride safely in my bike basket, I pedaled home so I could transport him in my car.)

Bodhisattva is just one of my family's rescued cats. At the moment we have five (though two are just staying temporarily as foster kitties).

I don't consider myself "that cat lady," but I do have a soft spot for animals that need new families. Last week, when Keller Williams held their annual day of community volunteering, it's no surprise that I chose donate my time to the Montclair Animal Shelter. One of my five furry friends came from there and I know so many people in town who consider that their first stopgive where you live Panza if they want to expand their family.

It's also no surprise that a walkable town like Montclair has such a strong dog-owner subculture. I've seen people in the park or uptown who know every passing dog by name! (Cats, as we all know, generally keep a lower profile.)

I'm really proud to work for an organization that makes such a strong commitment to animal welfare. Animals need homes, just like people do. If you fall into the latter category, give me a call - I can find a home for you too!  973-809-5277