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Police Ticket Bikers in Montclair!

I guess it goes without saying that a walkable town is also a bikeable town, but there are things a town can do to make biking easier and safer, and Montclair keeps doing them. Community group Bike and Wbike picalk Montclair recently worked to install new bike racks at the train stations and throughout shopping districts, and this summer they have been packed with bikes.

Bike and Walk Montclair also advocated for a Complete Streets policy in town, which makes sure that roadway design can safely accommodate cyclists. They run safety workshops, a Safe Routes to School program and just generally make biking in town better and more fun. In September, they will host Montclair's first Open Streets Event, closing down specific areas to car traffic so people can bike, skate, (and dance!) in the streets.

Recently, I discovered this awesome thing: Over six weeks of this summer (July 13 through August 31), kids who get "caught" wearing a helmet while biking or skateboarding around town may receive a "ticket" from the Montclair Police Department! The officer pulls them over and gives them a ticket that entitles them to a free tasty treat from one of four participating local eateries. The tickets are given out at random, whenever an officer sees a kid on his beat exhibiting safety practices. Tickets are redeemable at Tiny Elephant, Montclair Bread Company, Cakeaholic Obsession and Little Daisy Bake Shop. (Yum!!!) The whole thing is the brainchild of Tracey Diamond, a local designer who liked the idea of a reward program for kids who travel safely. Even kids in bike seats!

Sadly, I cannot pass for a kid anymore, which is too bad because, between you and me, anyplace that calls itself Cakeaholic Obsession has my name written all over it!

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