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Veterans Day in Montclair

It's almost impossible for me not to think of Edgemont Park on Veteran's Day.Edgemont_Park

I used to live across the street from the park - one that I consider among the most beautiful in the area - and every year, I could watch people from all over town walking along the footpath from every direction, assembling at the island bridge to take part in the service commemorating our veterans.

The park itself is about 20 acres of mostly field space, with two ball fields, picnic tables and an all-access playground that was put in not long ago. There's an incredible climbing tree - you could hide up there in the summer - and an enormous stocked pond that people can ice skate on in the winter if it gets cold enough.

When I first moved here, Edgemont Park was nice enough, but it has truly become the go-to park in town, a hub of activity all year long. This is the place where kids learn to ride bikes, where neighborhood schools take recess, and, most poignantly, where residents come to honor those who have served.

The statue built on the pond's island was originally designed as a WWI memorial, but has come to memorialize all those who have served in all the wars since. It is one of the landmarks of Montclair and it truly anchors us on this day. I love how this one spot in town - a spot that draws people from all over the community - is a reminder that our real community is much bigger than our neighborhood or our town; it's our nation.

Thank you to all the veterans who have made such a brave commitment to that community. You have made life better for all of us.

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