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When You Want To Go Small

Many of my clients begin dreaming of a simpler, more streamlined life long before they feel able to do anything about it. And that is because most of them are overwhelmed by their “stuff.” 

I understand. So was I.

When I downsized a few years ago, it seemed as if I kept thinking the same few thoughts: How are we all going to manage in a small, cramped space. How will I fit all my furniture? How can I possibly get rid of these things that I love? And the loudest thought of all: How did I end up with so much stuff to begin with?

Going through a significant downsize myself taught me valuable lessons I pass onto my clients daily. Probably the most poignant of all being: My perfect living conditions have very little to do with my “stuff.”

In the move from big to smaller, clients often mistakenly focus on what they think they’re going to lose: spare rooms, storage, places for all their stuff. Having a life that has long revolved around the upkeep of a big home, they’re not quick consider how much is time and money is saved with less house to make repairs on, and fewer things to keep track of in general.

I never imagined how much better I would feel with a fresh start – the ability to imagine my daily life with all of the things I love around me, and without any that had become a burden.

As a student of architecture and design, I can help you envision your new living space. Together we can make a plan for what should come along. I have lots of tricks to make the most of modest spaces and a long list of vendors who can make it all happen. 

As a fellow down-sizer, I can help you envision your new life. My clients tell me that talking to me about what they imagine for their next chapter has helped them get to know themselves better and has also helped them attain the things they truly want. 

And as a life-long lover of second-hand selling, I can guide you through staging your current home, and moving that “stuff” you don’t need anymore into the hands of someone who may.

Going small can be an energizing, exciting journey when you have the right person to guide you. If you’ve been dreaming of simpler for a little too long, give me a call. I really can help. 

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