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Montclair Pride 2022

When I stop to think about it, it’s slightly shocking that this June marks Montclair’s first Pride event. 

Shocking, I guess, because I’ve raised my kids in this town for the past 25 years, and it has always been a given that some of their friends would have two moms or two dads. Diversity, acceptance, and inclusivity are some of the many reasons I chose Montclair when I left Manhattan.

But the truth is, even in this environment, I know kids who have struggled over the years with their own journey. And it’s a relief to think that more outward representation of LGBTQIA+ folks might lessen the struggles of others. 

Diversity, acceptance, and inclusivity are not the same as Pride. There’s a difference between feeling tolerated in a place, or even welcome in a place, and being celebrated by a place.

That’s what I feel like we get to do Saturday, June 11, from 12-8pm at Montclair’s first – yes, first – Pride event. If you want to check out the offerings, the program is here.

And there are other Pride activities as well. 

This past weekend, many of the gyms and fitness studios in town offered free Pride workout sessions. I did not attend any (because: working) but, how fun is that!? 

There’s a Drag Queen & Doughnuts decorating event on June 8th.

Then, Fleet Feet (the world’s best sneaker store!) has teamed up with Montclair Brewery (yes, we have our own micro-brewery) for the Montclair Pride Stride Run/Walk for June 9th.

Out Montclair’s website offers resources and ways to be involved, not just in the Pride festival, but also in supporting our local LGTBQIA+ community.  

I’m proud of Keller Williams for being one of the major sponsors of this event. And I’m, of course, proud of my town for stepping it up in the celebrating Pride department. But mostly I’m proud of my town, as I’ve always been, for long being a community where everyone can feel like they belong.

If you want to talk about what else makes Montclair so special, call or text me. It's my favorite subject! 973.809.5277