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How a Walkable Suburb is Different 

I’m always noticing how living in a walkable suburb feels different from other suburbs, but also how it feels different than living in a city. One of the walkable perks I notice again and again in Montclair are all the Little Free Libraries

If you’re not familiar, these are little “book houses” people build that sit in their front yard, usually right at the sidewalk. They are typically filled with books; you can take a book or share a book. It’s impossible for me to walk in any direction without encountering a few.

I love this concept, not just as a reader, but even more as a sharer. I love there being little pit stops everywhere that remind me how my neighbors feel like they’re part of a community that values sharing and offering and helping.

During the pandemic, I noticed there were also Little Free Pantries (though I’m not sure if that was their official name). Based on the same principle, they were small structures by the sidewalk where people could offer or take non-perishable food.

It was both these community-building offerings that led me, just recently, to formalize my own “borrowing library.” As an agent with a sizable number of staging items, as well as a decades-long suburbanite, I always seem to have “stuff” that other people need.

A few weeks ago, I sent an email to my client list with the subject line: “Why Buy When You Can Borrow?” And at the risk of hate mail from Home Depot, I offered up everything someone might need to garden or to entertain, from expandable ladders to folding tables to a Zojirushi Thermal Carafe (which I highly recommend!).

I’ve already had clients borrow a couch (their delivery had been delayed), a wheelbarrow (for mulching), and the coffee carafe! 

It is completely in line with my Scandinavian sensibilities to not keep useful things sitting around unused. And it is even more in line with my belief that being part of a supportive community is the element that makes a house feel like a home.

Whether you want to borrow, lend, or hear me talk more about how a walkable suburb is different, reach out! And if you’re planning to buy or sell, please know that I can offer everything you need to make it all go smoothly. Call or text: 973-809-5277

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